Blomsterbed are the four horsemen of samtidsmusikk of your dreams/nightmares:

Guoste Tamulynaite, Astrid Solberg, Elias Nurmi Schomers and Marte Røyeng.

Guoste, originally from Lithuania, is a composer, pianist and performer. She makes pieces with flowers, balls of yarn and other stuff she finds in her basement. She loves cats, at least that's what's written on her CV.

Astrid is a composer and performer from Oslo. Her favorite instruments are recorder, triangle and woodblock. She is one half of the famous Duo Astrid, the other half being Astrid Solberg.

Elias, originally from Germany, is a composer, cellist and performer. He likes to write pieces where nothing happens.

Marte is a composer and singer-songwriter from Horten (?). She likes to make pieces with hand-drawn stop-motion videos. When she is not writing hardcore structuralist pling-plong extravaganzas, she writes songs you can play while sitting at a camp fire.